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EDITORIAL: A media freakout, a media farce

EDITORIAL: A media freakout, a media farce

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The sin was as grave as it was unforgiveable. We hesitate to even repeat the heinous misdeed in a family newspaper, but alas, what choice do we have?

We refer, of course, to Melania Trump clad in stiletto-heeled shoes as she and the president left Washington to visit hurricane-relief efforts in Houston.

Yes, believe it or not, that was the grave sin several media outlets spent precious time, space and ink calling the First Lady out on the other day.

Good grief. Is it any wonder why millions of Americans despise the Fourth Estate?

“Melania is wearing stilettos to a hurricane zone,” sniffed a politics reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Numerous other reporters piled on.

The First Lady had changed into sneakers by the time she got off the plane in Texas. Some in the media took that as “contrition” for her earlier, and apparently mortal, sin. We’re not kidding. Of course, none of the critics seemed contrite about their own sophomoric, frivolous, and catty snark over footwear.

Eight years ago, a similar uproar ensued over Michele Obama wearing a sleeveless dress. The controversy was stupid then, and it’s stupid now. Even calling such nonsense a “controversy” seems ridiculous.

There’s plenty to criticize President Trump on, just as there was plenty on which to criticize President Obama. If critics of a presidential administration want to be taken seriously, they should focus on those serious issues — not how the First Lady, or anyone else, dresses.

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