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Letter: Citizen advisory board is unnecessary in Waynesboro

Letter: Citizen advisory board is unnecessary in Waynesboro

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We do not need any kind of a citizen advisory board trying to tell our well-managed, professional police department here in Waynesboro how to do their sometimes difficult and dangerous job.

Using the violent and otherwise out of control actions of rioters in some other cities as criteria to create such a board is just an excuse for a few troublemakers we have here in Waynesboro to try and push their own egotistical, control freak, bias agenda.

Although understaffed, our police department does a superior job in doing everything in their power to keep the drug problem and other criminal activity under control while serving and protecting all our citizens in a polite and respectful manner.

We have no problem here with any kind of so called Police brutality, unfair and bias traffic stops, racial profiling, etc. Therefore what would this “advisory board” accomplish except to have certain people who have absolutely no idea and no training or experience in law enforcement cause disruption and discord in the way our police officers do their job.

As far as community distrust in our officers, that is just a small part of our population which is usually fueled by criminal activity and law breakers unhappy of the fact that they got caught breaking the law.

I urge our mayor and city council to discourage the formation of any such board and to leave the policing to the personnel that have been trained to do the job.

Instead of trying to cause a negative attitude towards our officers I suggest you show your appreciation for their dedication to our city and all our citizens. A simple “thank you” goes a long way.

God bless America and President Donald Trump.

Tom McDonald


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