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Letter: Confederate flag in Riverview Cemetery isn't hurting anyone

Letter: Confederate flag in Riverview Cemetery isn't hurting anyone

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As usual, The News Virginian allows a left-wing, bias, liberal rant on the perspective page.

In the July 19 edition, Tiffany Potter goes on about Confederate flags needing to be removed from Riverview Cemetery and quotes some history expert from Chicago named Jane Dailey about how erecting certain monuments were aimed towards a white supremacist future and refers to groups like the United Daughters of the Confederacy as some kind of problem.

That in itself is pure bull. I do not see that group causing any violent riots like the burning, looting or attacks on police that are blatantly being carried on all across our nation.

Up until now, I haven't heard any complaints regarding these flags in any cemetery in Waynesboro.

This is just another example of how Democrat leadership does their best to cause unrest and division in our city.

Instead of spending her time trying to get our city leaders to demand such flags and or monuments be removed, why doesn't she condemn the acts of the rioters and violent actions of Black Lives Matter?

God bless America and President Donald Trump.

Tom McDonald


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