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Letter: If elected president, Biden will be a puppet for the far left

Letter: If elected president, Biden will be a puppet for the far left

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It is obvious where The News Virginian stands on things concerning President Donald Trump as the paper has been replete with editorial pieces excoriating, belittling, mocking and generally spreading messages of hate about him.

We need to consider, however, the alternative: Democrat-approved rule by mob, as we know by their reaction to the ongoing Antifa and BLM-sponsored city riots. Socialist and Communist Americans are near to getting what they have always wished for. If the increasingly befuddled Joe Biden is elected president, rule would be by progressive whim, as Joe would certainly be a puppet controlled by the extreme anti-American ideologues (as proven by their actions during the past three years of the despicable "get Trump" campaign).

If Democrats control all three governmental branches we can expect to see the thoroughgoing destruction of our capitalist economy, starting with implementation of the "Green New Deal," which would take out our entire petroleum industry with its millions of jobs, and causing skyrocketing prices for electricity, while reestablishing our dependence on Saudi petroleum and decimating our landscape with huge wind farms and solar arrays; Americans will then have to live with frequent power outages and "brownouts."

After two years of full Democrat rule the U.S. will resemble Venezuela and will become yet another in the long line of failed socialist experiments. Unemployment and homelessness will increase tremendously, as various business sectors go bankrupt and shut down, converting more of our cities into third-world hellholes like parts of Seattle and San Francisco. Thus, Americans can expect to lose most of their income to hugely increased taxes; their right to own personal, protective firearms; the Electoral College system that prevents the tyranny of the majority; a functioning health care system; bountiful grocery stores and shops; inexpensive and available road and air travel; a free society and an internet where anyone can speak his mind or write letters such as this, as Democrats erase the first amendment and demand compliance with restrictive new laws.

None of this would happen under a continued Trump presidency, flawed as it might be.

Donald Bretches


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