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Letter: Liberals are dangerous, not conservatives who speak their mind

Letter: Liberals are dangerous, not conservatives who speak their mind

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Some say that a half truth is a lie, especially if some of the truth is purposely withheld. Those who believe that will have no problem understanding Jennifer Lewis lied when she called me a dangerous man in a letter to the editor published in June.

Leftists don’t want debate. They are bullies who want you and me to shut up. They throw around words like "racist" as weapons while never engaging in real debate. They hold classes on how to trap a person into an assault and battery charge. They teach them to quietly slip up behind someone, inches away, then when the unsuspecting person turns around and bumps into them, they claim assault and battery.

It’s happened to me. The first two cases were dismissed because the judge saw through the sham and gave them a dressing down instead. The third case, in front of a different judge, went against me. The judge was apologetic, saying he had no choice but to find me guilty because code says "...any unwanted touching." He also said it was the weakest assault and battery case that he could imagine and gave me no fine.

I doubt Jennifer and her friends don’t know this.

As to Jennifer's warning to steer clear of me, the only problems that have happened in Waynesboro are four cases where I was threatened. The police were called and the incidents noted. One is still pending.

Jennifer, it's liberals that are the dangerous ones. I have never threatened anyone. You wouldn't know that because you've never stopped to talk to me. You've only stopped to hassle me.

As to me being dangerous? I am dangerous. Dangerous because I oppose the left's lies. Dangerous because I take the time to speak up. Dangerous because you can't threaten my livelihood. Dangerous because you and your friends can’t scare me off.

Mason Pickett

Augusta County

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