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Letter: Mason Pickett is a dangerous man

Letter: Mason Pickett is a dangerous man

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By now, most of us in Waynesboro have seen Mason Pickett standing out along the road with his various signs, often disrespecting Democrats, using cuss words and pushing Fox news talking points and conspiracy theories.

Many just laugh and brush him off as just another unstable white man hanging on to the last breath of white supremacy but a quick search on the online court website shows that he is in fact a very dangerous man. He has multiple assault charges out of Charlottesville, where he used to stand with his signs until he decided to come over to Waynesboro.

Please do not approach or confront this man, he will assault you.

If you are frustrated and angered by his presence, I encourage you to get involved in something positive, like joining the Waynesboro Democratic Committee or signing up to volunteer with a non-profit who needs your support, like the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club or Embrace Community Gardens.

Jennifer Lewis


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