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Letter: Mr. Pickett has a right to protest if he wishes

Letter: Mr. Pickett has a right to protest if he wishes

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As usual, Jennifer Lewis woman thinks the First Amendment pertains only to Democrats. Anybody else who expresses a different opinion is a bigot, racist or a criminal and must be shut down.

She doesn't like Mason Pickett standing at an intersection carrying a sign. However, she stood up for “homeless” people standing at the same intersection approaching stopped vehicles at a red light and begging the drivers for money. Some of these so called unfortunate homeless would call people every name in the book if they did not “donate” to them.

She refers to Mr. Pickett as a dangerous criminal and declares that if you approach or confront him he he will assault you. This is totally false. Her story about him being a very dangerous man with multiple charges is untrue. He was proven not guilty in court.

Jennifer Lewis is nothing but a trouble making wanna be politician who has already been defeated in her quest for a political office and will be beat again when and if she tries to run for anything. As far as Mr. Pickett disrespecting Democrats, I raise my hat to him. They deserve what they get.

God bless America and President Donald Trump.

Tom McDonald


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