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Letter: News Virginian prints lies about Trump's taxes

Letter: News Virginian prints lies about Trump's taxes

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Once again this newspaper has shown its left-wing, liberal, bias, hatred of President Donald Trump.

Using two of the lying, fake news sources, namely The New York Times and The Washington Post, The News Virginian has printed a pile of untrue, false bull regarding Mr. Trump's tax information. They have now done this two days in a row, using the Perspective page in Sunday's paper, copying from The New York Times, and Tuesday's front page for more of the same false garbage regarding Mr. Trump's tax info under the cover of The Washington Post, most of which is a repeat of yesterday's lies.

Neither The New York Times or any other so-called news media are tax experts or accountants.

These newspapers at one time consisted of professional journalists putting proven facts out to the public, allowing readers to form their own opinion. That has done a 180 degree turn.

Nowadays these so-called news sources present their own opinion spewing false information and half truths as long as it expresses the views of the Democrat party and its radical leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden. These “leaders” want to defund the police, allow completely open borders, anytime abortions, take away all firearms and support radical rioting in the streets from groups like Black Lives Matter. They want to release criminals back on to our streets, allowing said criminals the privilege to vote, knowing they will vote for the morons that let them out.

They have the audacity to blame President Trump for the spread of the coronavirus instead of its real source, China.

They abuse the First Amendment by allowing the disrespectful, unpatriotic actions of athletes across America.

They are grabbing at any straw they can to try and defeat President Trump.

What they do not print is many of the assaults and murders of the very people who pin the badge on each and every day 24/7 and risk their lives protecting and serving all our citizens.

The only sure way to save America and our precious freedom is to vote for President Trump for 4 more years!

God bless America and President Trump.

Tom McDonald


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