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Letter: Publishing column was irresponsible

Letter: Publishing column was irresponsible

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Curt Lilly is free to express his opinion. The News Virginian is irresponsible for not fact-checking or at least balancing in a timely manner — in the same issue — his exaggerations and falsities with related facts. Surely you could have reprinted something factual, or found someone who has a basic understanding of the science of virology and epidemiology to write a brief article.

Anyone who has an understanding of how science works knows that when a new life form appears, nobody knows how it will behave until it has been scientifically traced and reported on. Dr Fauci emphasized this and that is “Not the Flu” with every prediction — that it was a guess based on history of other viruses. (Fox News omitted this part.) When he advised against masks, they were in such tight supply that health workers doing hands-on care had almost none and needed every one available. And nobody knew exactly how the virus was transmitted. (They had proof of that just that Last Week.) Facts and treatments change almost daily as Medical reports across the world are shared.

And the rate is going down? Does he not believe the headlines? The sports pages? Pro sports doesn’t give up its market for a hoax. Now that he’s seen the photo in today’s paper from Bristol perhaps he’ll begin to think again.

The attitude he expresses is the same that has caused states to necessarily re-close their markets after attempting to “get back to normal” because too many people believed the false narrative of President Donald Trump and his supporters, whose entire lives are based on the health of the economy rather than human life. One has often proven its ability to bounce back — even after disastrous times. The other has come back once.

Trump followers’ actions — no distancing, no masks, congregating as if it were last summer — filled hospitals and emergency departments to overflowing, with dire predictions for the next heart attack or renal failure patient or highway crash victim. Stepping back from too-early opening was mandated.

Even economists have begun to realize that reopening markets when shopping is a serious threat, open stores don’t make money. People who’ve heard or read facts are better prepared and follow health care guidelines.

Please do better in the future. Lives depend on facts. Opinions unchallenged can kill.

Anne Lindell


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