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Letter: Stringent COVID-19 policies unnecessary in the Valley

Letter: Stringent COVID-19 policies unnecessary in the Valley

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Everyone doesn’t fit into size 16 shirts. A medium-sized coffee cup is not what all consumers want. Even cell phones come in different sizes.

But, when it comes to our health, our economy, and our schooling, we are forced to live with a governmental decree of “One Size Must Fit All.”

The coronavirus has hit different regions of our state very differently. Some areas have been hit hard, while others have been largely spared. One would think, therefore, that our governor would allow localities in these very different areas to devise very different strategies for dealing with the virus. One would be wrong, however.

Instead, Gov. Northam has taken the most restrictive, most severe, most life-altering strategies possible — the strictest that could be accepted without open revolt, anyhow — and applied them equally to all areas of Virginia. Look for a moment at the statistics in the following chart.

Two deaths are of course two deaths too many. But do they warrant closing down the economy, education, and freedoms of so many thousands of people because of a 0.000000018% chance of dying, or even a 0.17% chance of falling ill to some degree?

In Richmond, Fairfax County, or Norfolk, the current stringent policies may be necessary. But here, they simply are not.

Gov. Northam, give us back our lives.

Pam Richmond

Retired math teacher, Waynesboro High School


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