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Letter: Tracy Pyles should stop lying about President Trump

Letter: Tracy Pyles should stop lying about President Trump

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At the bottom of the perspective page The News Virginian asks every day, “What do you think?”

The following is my answer to that question.

Yet again another Saturday edition of The News Virginian is delivered to my house containing a large portion of the Perspective page being filled with crap.

Tracy Pyles must spend countless hours thinking up untrue things to say about President Donald Trump, the Republican Party and everyone else who does not agree with his socialist, left wing, liberal views.

If he finds the U.S. so bad, he can pack his worldly belongings and move to a socialist country where the government provides everything. His column will not be missed. However, I would be willing to bet he would regret his move very quickly.

He blames Trump for each and every wrong thing in America from the coronavirus, which originated in China, to a clogged sewer down the street.

Let me remind Tracy Pyles that most of the cities in America are suffering from inner city problems such as drugs, poverty, unemployment, racist claims, police-hating riots, vandalism, etc., and these cities are run by Democrats and have been for a long time.

However, it appears lately for the most part the only perspectives that get printed by The News Virginian are by left wing, liberal, police-hating socialists.

That is what I think.

God bless America and President Trump.

Tom McDonald


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