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Letter: Wear a mask and you might save a life

Letter: Wear a mask and you might save a life

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Regarding the column by Mr. Lilly, the major issue seems to be whether one is concerned about preventive medicine or not.

Herd immunity occurs when there are no other options available to deal with an illness. I prefer using whatever measures are available, including masks, hand washing, etc. Letting nature take its course only makes sense if one is to disregard the death and disability left in it’s wake.

Some years ago when medical science was learning about disease transmission the use of gloves and masks during surgery was instituted to protect the patients from pathogens in and on the surgeon’s body. We still do it, and for good reason. When we get a vaccine for the coronavirus it will be a blessing.

Follow the science. Wear the mask, wash your hands, protect your neighbor. Save a life!

James C. Reed, MD


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